Son Of Perdition The third in the series of the Chronicle of Brothers, this is the worst in the series. Throughout th.. Product #: 9780956333001 Regular price: $159.95 $159.95

Son Of Perdition

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The third in the series of the Chronicle of Brothers, this is the worst in the series. Throughout the book, there are sentences that a simple proofread could easily have caught for their awkward if not grammatical issues. The story itself continues the tale of three mortal brothers (one of whom is the Anti-Christ) while paralleling the tale of Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael in Heaven and Hell.

While the story remains intriguing as with the previous two tales, the lack of proofreading in this one was to the point that the numbers of errors started to detract from the story itself. If you read the previous 2 books, I recommend reading this one as well as the tale continues to be intriguing for what it is - a fictional account of the behind the scenes events in Heaven and Hell corresponding with the Bible. This tale truly moves into the fictional though as it begins to relate the days leading up to Armageddon and the years when the Anti-Christ will rule the earth. And while it is highly possible, we are in the middle of that era even now in the real world, the events here are obviously fictional at the moment, although eerily haunting in how close we are to this being what could happen. The technology that Alec describes for use by the forces of the Anti-Christ and his one-world government are very much in use today if not at the levels and purposes that Alec describes in this book. And the scenarios she relates for how everything plays out leading to a single government gaining control of the world are more plausible than not given the events in our world today.

They say that life often imitates art especially when it comes to fiction eventually becoming reality in our world; I would say that Alec's vision of how the world might play out leading up to Armageddon should be enough to scare even the most ardent anti-conspiracy person.

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