When Women Walk Alone (Mass Market Paperback)

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Cindi's audience for Women Who Walk Alone is a broad one - single women, women parenting alone, women alone as the spiritual head of their household, women facing challenging life situations, women without close friendships. And her message is timely - every woman feels alone at some point in her life, yet every woman needs someone to grow alongside her and to encourage her in her walk with the Lord.When Women Walk Alone encourages readers to see alone times as unique opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Women will discover practical ways to:
-find support from other women who feel alone in their lives
-celebrate their own uniqueness and grow through the lonely times
-gain strength for the challenges of parenting alone
-funnel "loneliness in prayer" into "a new power in prayer alone with God"
-rely on the Lord and others to overcome personal trials

Using examples of biblical and contemporary women who emerged from a time of loneliness stronger and more complete, Cindi also looks at the example of Jesus and the many times He was alone or sought out some "alone time" to draw strength from His Father.