Credibility Matters: Learn it, Live it, Lead it

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Martin Kuscus emerged as one of the rare breed of credible leaders that shaped the South African democratic landscape. In his searing memoir Credibility Matters, we are exposed to a journey of very humble beginnings, the volatility of youth and how powerful defining moments led to a life of significance.

Remarkably, he exited the public sector scandal and skeleton free. Martin had the privilege to be invited to sit at the table with luminaries like President Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon. He graced venues like the United Nations, New York Stock Exchange and the commanding heights of power and influence locally and internationally. It is absolutely astounding how Martin remains anchored in humility, unquestionable integrity and continues to exemplify servant leadership.

The world is facing a crisis and that is a crisis of credible leadership. Our leaders on the broader spectrum of society are no more trusted, believed or respected. The central message of Credibility Matters is to challenge and encourage the reader to live life with the highest degree of credibility in a world where compromise reigns supreme. It offers practical tools on becoming a trusted and respected voice that shapes the thinking, behavior and values of our world for the better. The post-pandemic world yearns for a fresh breed of credible leaders that can bring about a dispensation that is more humane, inclusive and give people a greater sense of meaning. Will you answer the call?