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Exhortation To My Dear Sister The book is aimed at girls who are growing up in Southern Africa, who face poverty and dire prejudic.. Product #: 9780620813990 Regular price: $199.95 $199.95

Exhortation To My Dear Sister

Product Code: 9780620813990

Price: R199.95

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The book is aimed at girls who are growing up in Southern Africa, who face poverty and dire prejudices and social injustices as a way of life. The lessons shared in this book I learned growing up as a black, impoverished, preacher's daughter. As an Obstetrician and gynaecologist, listening to women's stories and having a platform where women can share their pain and their fears, I have realised that we have so much in common that are our dreams and goals and also that our challenges and difficulties run the same cycle.

The women in my life, both professionally and personally, with their stories and dynamics have poured into the wisdom in this book. Above all God has put it together so that His Word becomes the true answer to all things that we face as women of all ages living here, in the land of our fathers.

In the pages of this book, we get to understand who we are, why we are and that Today by God's grace and God's guidance leads to a better tomorrow. The book demands an introspective journey so that we live consciously without the burden of misinformation and lack of understanding, but with insight and a clear focus to know that with each milestone we reach, God is glorified .

It is my prayer and hope that this book reaches the most disadvantaged and the most burdened of women, and through the living, powerful truth of The Word of God in this exhortation, you might receive healing in the name of Jesus.

The journey you take in reading this book, will bring you to understand who you are and who you were created to be. It assist to look squarely at your past, the good and the bad and understand that through the love of God and by faith, everything you have experienced can set you up for take off into a newer and better chapter of your life.

The book delves in create depth into the journey of self awareness in terms of self- value, self love ; self determination and self image. In this exhortation you learn that where human strength fails, the Bible verses quoted in this pages bring you to the understanding that you do not have to do it all by yourself, that when there has been a lack of role models and teachers, God in His Sovereign authority stand by His word to be your Father, your guide, the author and finisher of your faith. When you trust in Him He moves heaven and earth to have a relationship with Him that your life will no longer be under the influence of worldly mandates, goals and endeavors but solely under The Word Of God, according to His will.

BARCODE 9780620813990